An Online Platform and Phone App Designed specially for the athlete by an athlete

This platform is designed to help ANY athlete enhance their performance on the field, while giving them the tools and skills to manage life off the field. It is an athletes central location for Elite Athlete specific Mindfulness, Meditation,Yoga and Breath Work.

What's Included?

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What You'll Get:

3 Meditations 


3 Yoga Practices 


2 Mindfulness Tips and Tricks 

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What are coaches and athletes saying about the Mindful Athlete Membership? 


Christian Mazzone, Professional Lacrosse Player, PLL Archers

The Mindful Athlete Membership created by Emily is my one stop shop for everything pertaining to Mindfulness and Wellness. For someone who has always believed in the benefits of practices like yoga and meditation, but didn't know where to start - this Membership solves that issue for me and provides me so much more. If you aspire to be a holistic athlete, this is a tool that you absolutely need to be using.

Wil H, Duke Baseball

Perrin Wellness and Performance is the ultimate tool for an elite athlete. I use it almost daily to make sure my body feels better, to train my mind or to just relax. The platform and app are easy to use and has a video for just about anything I need.

Chris Pollard, Head Coach, Duke Baseball 

The online/APP platform has taken our yoga and mindfulness practice to the next level. Players have twenty-four hour a day access to the content. Whether it’s restorative yoga, meditations, sleep support, etc our guys have the support they need just a click away on their mobile device.

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