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The most common struggle the athletes I work with experience is their inability to navigate everything life throws at them ON TOP OF being a performer. The Mindful Athlete Membership was designed to equip athletes with the tools and skills they need to navigate life on AND off the field. We cannot stop the waves of life but we can certainly learn to “surf” in ways that are more efficient.


-Emily Perrin, CEO, and Founder



Yoga is a practice that can train and enhance your mind- body connection. 
Athlete specific and Trauma Informed yoga for: 
  • Rest, recovery and resetting your Nervous System
  • Sleep 
  • Mobility and  flexibility
  • Strength, stability and Balance 
  • Movement for Moods (like anxiety, stress, anger etc) 
“My go to is either a long mobility flow to really feel in tune with my body and feel refreshed before or after hard training days or the quick hitters when I am really feeling like I need some extra attention in certain areas. Emily’s videos are helpful and quick. Perfect for my busy schedule.” 
 -Kylie Ohlmiller, Professional Lacrosse player, Athletes Unlimited/Team USA 


Mindfulness is the foundation of everything on the platform. 
Mindfulness and contemplative practices.
These are downloadable PDFs and guided video and audio files to help you in your mindfulness journey both on and off the field. 
Mindfulness practices include but are not limited to: 
  • Breaking down Mindfulness 
  • Mindful Preparation to Play 
  • Getting Grounded 
  • Navigating tough emotions 
"The Mindful Athlete Membership is the ultimate tool for an elite athlete. I use it almost daily to make sure my body feels better, to train my mind or to just relax. The platform and app are easy to use and has a video for just about anything I need"
-Wil Hoyle, Duke Baseball


The Breath is an athlete’s most valuable tool to navigate life and enhance performance. 
Breath Work to help athletes: 
  • Focus 
  • Calm down
  • Navigate Anxiety and Panic 
  • Create Energy 
  • Fall asleep
"My favorite parts of the app are probably the Pre-game meditations and breath-work which I can use during matches."
-Khrystyna Vozniak, Professional Tennis Player, Collegiate Tennis Coach 


Meditation is a formal Mindfulness practice. This is how we can train the brain. 
Meditations for: 
  • Beginners and Getting Started 
  • Training Concentration and Focus 
  • Navigating tough emotion 
  • Navigate injury
  • Falling asleep
  • Preparation to play and compete
“Emily’s meditations are extremely accessible. She really knows how to guide you through the practice of meditation in a way that meets you where you are and never makes you feel like you’re bad or unsuccessful.” 
 -Christian Mazzone, Professional Lacrosse player, PLL/NLL

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