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Are you looking to learn about Mindfulness and Meditation but don’t exactly know where to start? 


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I’m interested in learning more about mindfulness and meditation
I have been wanting to try meditation but don’t know where to start
I have tried meditation but haven’t been able to stick with it
I feel like I am “bad” at meditating
I feel like I am struggling to navigate all that life is throwing at me
Im an Athlete that wants to enhance my performance 
Im an Athlete that wants to add more tools and skills to my mental game
Im a Coach that wants to learn how Mindfulness training can help my team
Im a Coach that is interested in this Course for my Players

Hello and Welcome! I’m Emily,

Mindfulness and Meditation completely transformed my life. 

I have spent the majority of my life with chronic anxiety and panic attacks

I know firsthand how difficult and challenging it can be to navigate our own mind! 

As a part of my own healing journey, alongside therapy, a lot of support and hard work, I turned to Mindfulness training and Meditation. When I first started Meditating, I could barely sit for 30 seconds without going into panic. I had no idea WHAT I was doing and it took me several months to truly tap into the benefits of these practices. I wish I had a foundational course that educated me and gave me an accessible place to start. 

These practices have become staples in my life because they allow me to work with my own mind. 

As a former DI athlete and DI coach who now works with Elite athletes I pride myself on making the concepts of Mindfulness and Meditation accessible to everyone. My teaching style is interactive, engaging and concise. 

I am a Certified Mindfulness Meditation Teacher, Certified Breath Work Coach and Registered 200 Hour Yoga Teacher. I graduated from Duke’s Integrative Health Coaching program and am currently pursuing my Master’s in Clinical Social Work at the University of Denver. 

 My passion is helping elite athletes gain insight and awareness into their lives. I educate and empower athletes to take control of their mind, body and emotions so that they can be successful both ON and OFF the field.

Although I spend most of my time teaching these practices to Elite athletes, these concepts and tools are applicable to EVERYONE. This course is NOT just for athletes or coaches.

IF you are looking to learn about Mindfulness and Meditation and HOW to start utilizing these in your day to day life this course is for you.

Introduction to Mindfulness Course Includes: 

  • 4 Modules of Learning
  • 7 Educational Lectures
  • 7 Mindful Movement Practices 
  • 6 Guided Meditations
  • 10 Downloadable PDFS : Resources, Reflective Prompts, and Cheat Sheets 

This Course will HELP YOU

  • Understand what Mindfulness is
  • Know the difference between Mindfulness and Meditation
  • Gain tangible steps on HOW to start practicing these concepts
  • Get into a Meditation routine
  • Introduce Mindful Movement as a way to explore Mindfulness
  • Create habits that allow you to successfully continue practicing Mindfulness and Meditation

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Introductory offer: $99


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