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A holistic approach to becoming the best you!

Welcome to Perrin Wellness and Performance. 

We are former DI athletes, former DI coaches and current Mindfulness and Performance Coaches.  We are passionate about helping people from all walks of life be the best they can be. 

We use our instruction and coaching in a holistic approach to help people gain insight about who they are. Specifically we love helping people enhance their performance whether that is on the sport field, in the office or in the home. 

Here at Perrin Wellness and Performance, we believe that the healthiest you is the most successful you.

Emily Perrin, LMSW, CEO and Founder

More About Us

"Emily was so helpful for me because she understands the daily life of collegiate athletes, along with the pressures that athletes put on themselves. She helped me understand why I react the way I do when I struggle, how to acknowledge my reactions, and methods to correct them in the moment."

- Matt Mervis, Duke Baseball 2020, Chicago Cubs Organization

Former and Current Clients

Emily has extensive experience in youth, collegiate and professional sport. 


Team Australia Lacrosse, Women's World Games, 2022

The North Carolina Courage

Stanford Women's Lacrosse

Duke Athletics: Baseball, Women's Lacrosse, Fencing, Women's Soccer 

NC State Athletics: Football, Women's Soccer, Volleyball

Villanova Athletics: Women's Soccer, Volleyball 

University of Michigan: Mens and Women's Lacrosse

University of Virginia: Women's Soccer 

University of Pennsylvania: Men's Lacrosse

Towson University: Men's Golf 

John's Hopkins University: Women's Lacrosse 

The University of Connecticut: Women's Basketball 

Campbell University: Women's Soccer 

Endicott College Athletics 

McDonogh Girls Varsity Lacrosse

St. Johns Prep Athletics

Highland Park Boys Lacrosse 

Kylie Ohlmiller: KO17 Lacrosse

Jules Hengingburg: Mission Primed 

Deemer Class and Matt Dunn: First Class Lacrosse

Greg Gurenlian: The Face Off Academy 


The healthiest you is the most successful you.



Mindfulness and Performance coaching is not therapy and does not replace therapy, clinical or medical advice. Blogs, social media, workshops, and coaching sessions do not replace individualized care and counseling. Although Emily Perrin is a Licensed Master of Social Work her Mindfulness and Performance coaching with athletes is not therapy. As always, please consult with your medical provider or mental health clinician for mental health or medical concerns.
Thank you, Emily Perrin, Perrin Wellness and Performance LLC