Mental Health in the Elite Athlete Community

This isn’t a new subject by any means. We’re seeing more and more professional athletes speak up and go public with their various struggles.  College Athletic Departments are putting more structure and programming in place to address mental health for their student athletes.  I believe were making progress, but we as an elite athlete community have a long way to go.  

In the field of Clinical Social Work, one of our jobs is to research and address social problems. A social problem is an alleged situation or widespread issue that affects a significant number of people.  Over the last few months my work has been dedicated to researching and addressing the social problem of mental health within the elite athlete community. 

Remove competitive sport from the scenario and mental health in general continues to be a widespread issue within the United States.  We’re living in a time where stress and anxiety are at an all time high. A...

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In a Time With So Much Uncertainty, Why Can’t Coaches and Athletes Afford to Skip Out On Taking Care of Their Minds?


We’re coming up on 7 months of this new normal. Since the cancellation of collegiate spring sports and various "Bubble" scenarios for pro leagues the Athletic Community is very much still navigating this new normal. 


We have already seen collegiate sports cut, budgets deflated and resources going towards a LOT of testing. Athletic staff's have restructured weight rooms and worked tirelessly to make sure that facilities are set up to maintain standards and protocols that put student athlete safety first. As if there were not already a plethora of demands placed on college athletes, having to maneuver through a season and the normal day to day among the COVID crisis is definitely an added task. 


There’s a lot to navigate here. 


Take COVID away and regular student athlete life is challenging enough. Time to simply get everything done academically, athletically, and socially is strained. There’s the added piece of...

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The Scoop on Integrative Health Coaching

Uncategorized Apr 03, 2019

What have I been doing at Duke?

What is Integrative Health Coaching?

I am a firm believer that one’s own health and making this a priority is the most important job we as humans have. Through my own personal journey I have seen firsthand how critical it is to dig deep and put personal health above all else. But health does not mean simply addressing the physical body. Health means mental, social, environmental, spiritual, behavioral, and emotional. It is every facet of your life.

Through the knowledge and training I have now obtained from Duke’s Integrative Health Coaching program, I wholeheartedly believe that addressing personal health in a holistic and integrative way is crucial. What does that mean? It means taking a look at the entire picture. It means addressing your physical health and what you are feeding your body. It means exploring relationships and your communication with others. It means taking the time to assess your environment both at home and in the...

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The Beast of Anxiety and Panic

Uncategorized Dec 03, 2018

How anxiety and panic attacks steal our lives. The release of shame, fear, and unworthiness.

It was an all too familiar feeling. Almost nine years separated the two incidences, but the feelings were the same. The feelings of shame, fear, and heartbreak were all too present. Although this time, I was certain that I was actually losing my cool, losing my mind, and worst of all losing my life.

The windows didn’t have bars this time, just a sheer cover to prevent you from seeing the outside world. You could tell whether the sun was shining or not and if you grabbed a chair or stood on your bed you could see the parking lot of the building. That’s about all you got. The chances of someone actually letting you get to that point so you could see something was rare. We were watched around the clock. The nurses, the doctor’s, the counselors, the caseworkers. There were eyes everywhere, even when you slept. The night shift came in to your room every seven minutes to...

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