Exploring Breath Work: Where to Start?


If you have not read Part 1 of this series, A Trauma Aware Approach to Breath Work , I highly recommend this as this will give you an in depth look at what breath work is and WHY this might be challenging for some.

I am passionate about helping all of my clients and athletes understand what breath work is and explore this practice with more awareness so that they may engage with the practice in ways that actually support them.

There are a variety of ways to engage in breath work but more importantly you do not have to engage in it at all. This is why I highly encourage everyone to start by thinking about their goal or intention for breath work before embarking on a breath work journey.

Know that breath work is not a necessity for mindfulness, meditation, feeling calm, soothing yourself or achieving any award. Contemplative or mindfulness practices, grounding, or self-regulation skills are never a competition or destination. The ultimate goal is to find what works for you and...

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A Trauma Aware Approach to Breath Work


As mainstream society continues to jump on the breath work bandwagon it is very important we continue to prioritize safety and accessibility with regards to this practice. As a mental health therapist and mindfulness coach that works extensively with athletes, its important that I continue to break down the nuances of such an individualized and powerful practice. As someone who has experienced significant trauma, chronic anxiety and panic disorder in my life I know firsthand how challenging breath work can be.

I always want to acknowledge that in any setting I may be teaching breath work in, someone has probably experienced some level of trauma. More likely than, someone in the room really struggles with breath work and doesn’t feel safe feeling or accessing their breath let alone manipulating it. This blog is a complete break down of WHY this might be the case and HOW to get started with breath work in a safe and accessible way.

As Deb Dana says "The breath can be both...

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Process Your Emotions and Feelings

“If we don’t express our emotions, they pile up like a debt that will eventually come due.” 

-Marc Brackett, PHD


Feel all the Feels. 


We get clear on WHAT we’re feeling and we accept what we’re feeling but we have to actually do the feeling. 

Unfortunately this is where more often than not we have to sit with our emotions and discomfort and allow time to heal. So. Freaking. Hard. But I promise this is THE only way. 

 Being Well with Dr. Rick Hanson and Forrest Hanson is an incredible podcast that I highly recommend. In a recent episode on navigating failure they described how the sooner we attend to our feelings when we face failure and rejection the better. Why? Because this is what both the mind and the body need. In order to move through and “regulate” our emotions in an efficient way we have to honor them and give ourselves permission to feel however we are feeling. Easier said than done. 


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