Oderah Chidom

  • Professional Basketball Player in Europe
  • Duke Women's Basketball
  • McDonald's All-American
  • 2017 WNBA Draftee

Get to Know Oderah


Oderah competed for Duke University and most recently played overseas in Belarus. She is also a basketball trainer, giving back to youth basketball and training the future generation of female basketball players.  
Mindfulness practices are important to Oderah because it continually brings her back to the present moment so she can focus on the now; not the past or future. She first became aware of mindfulness practices in her high school years and has since started waking up early to start her day with meditation, as well as journaling. These practices support Oderah's ability to check in with her mentality so she is better able to remove or minimize mental blocks that appear in her life and basketball performance.