Kylie Ohlmiller

  • Pro Lacrosse Player
  • USA National Team Member
  • 2x Tewaaraton Award Finalist
  • 4x All-American
  • NCAA Career & Single Season Points and Assists Record Holder
  • #1 Draft Pick to the WPLL in 2018

Get to Know Kylie

Kylie is regarded as one of the best current players in the game of lacrosse. She has become known for her creativity and ability to take herself and teammates to the next level when it counts. After her NCAA playing career at Stony Brook, Kylie started to put more of an emphasis on her recovery, as well as her mental training. 
She has partnered with PWP to focus on mobility and recovery in her training and is also looking to improve her resiliency in bouncing back from a mentally tough and exhausting day, game or practice.