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“You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf”

-Swami Satchitananda 

"This Individual Membership is designed to give athletes of all ages the tools and skills they need to manage both the mind and the body. Athletes have exactly what they need at the tip of their fingers." 



You are an Athlete who has been wanting to try Mindfulness, Meditation, Yoga and Breath Work but have no idea where to start or how to fit this into your performance training.
You want to enhance your performance on the field but you feel like you need more tools and skills to navigate life OFF the field.
You want to address your health holistically but you don’t have the tools and resources.
You feel like you’re missing something in performance training to take you to the next level but you don’t know what it is.
You feel like your performance suffers at times because you are distracted, overwhelmed and always stressed. 
You feel like you have everything you need for taking care of your physical body when it comes to your sport but you need more support navigating your MIND and EMOTIONS.

The Mindful Athlete Membership is for you!

Free for 7 Days. Cancel at any time. 
Pay 29.99 / Month 

The Mindful Athlete Membership is perfect for the athlete at any level of their mindfulness journey! The program is uniquely designed with athletes in mind, so every video or recording is applicable to what we go through every day as competitors. It's a must have app that is easy to use and makes building mindful habits easy and fun! 


-Kayla McCoy, Professional Soccer Player, Jamaican National Team

Hello and Welcome!

I’m Emily,

I have lived and breathed competitive sport since the day I was born. My earliest memories are heading to basketball games at the University of Virginia (Wahoowa) to cheer on my Dad who was an assistant basketball coach and Sport Psychologist. I followed in his footsteps and played DI soccer at UVA followed by 3 years of coaching collegiately at the University of Pennsylvania. 
As a college coach I kept hearing from my Ivy League athletes that they really struggled to navigate the physical, mental and emotional demands of competitive sport. As a DI athlete I constantly felt like I was behind in life. I suffered from chronic anxiety and serious bouts of panic attacks that required me to be hospitalized. In an effort to pull myself out of panic and find healing, I turned to Mindfulness, Meditation, Breath Work and Yoga. 
Within several months (along with a lot of additional therapy) I found that these four practices had added core skills to my life and significantly impacted how I was coping with my own anxiety and panic. 
I had this epiphany.. If only I had known about these 4 practices as an athlete and as a coach! And Voila… Perrin Wellness and Performance was born! 
I am a Certified Mindfulness Meditation Teacher, Certified Breath Work Coach and Registered 200 Hour Yoga Teacher. I graduated from Duke’s Integrative Health Coaching program and am currently pursuing my Master’s in Clinical Social Work at the University of Denver. 
My passion is helping elite athletes gain insight and awareness into their lives. I educate and empower athletes to take control of their mind, body and emotions so that they can be successful both ON and OFF the field. 
When we can navigate life more efficiently off the field we will definitely be able to navigate our performance more efficiently on the field. This is what Perrin Wellness and Performance is all about.



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  • Various Individuals in the PLL, NWSL, MLS, MLB 

  • Baseball Rebellion


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